Transforming Assets Worldwide

Our success is built on three main pillars: our resources, our approach and our people.

Our resources 

  • As a well resourced private company we have the capability to move with speed and commitment. 
  • We leverage our global skills base and footprint to transform projects into successful operations.
  • We have a global network of exceptional advisors to originate new ventures for development.

Our approach

  • We aim to continually strengthen our position as a globally diverse natural resources company. 
  • We have an appetite for complex investments in challenging territories together with the skills and experience to make them work successfully. 
  • Where possible, we aim for each project to deliver exceptional returns and social uplift through a variety of programmes. This is a core element of our mission. 

Our people

  • Our people are entrepreneurial, highly professional and diverse. 
  • Where skills do not exist locally we commit to high level training and development to help drive our success.
  • We share a belief that our good name and reputation is our most precious asset.