Government of Guinea publishes report based on false allegations

BSGR will prove these allegations are false. The Guinean government is relying on fabricated claims, compromised witnesses and illegitimate processes to justify President Alpha Conde's carefully orchestrated plan to reward political allies who allegedly helped rig his election by providing them with BSGR's legally-acquired mining rights. BSGR demands the opportunity to defend itself in a forum that plays by the rules and follows internationally recognized conventions, such as allowing cross-examination of witnesses.

BSGR has a track record of performance spanning more than three decades and has never before been accused of any wrongdoing nor been embroiled in any controversy. Despite overwhelming evidence of government corruption, embezzlement and harassment -- not to mention lack of transparency, democracy and human rights abuses -- President Conde has manipulated the process through unconditional technical and financial support from activists like George Soros and the NGOs that function as his personal advocacy groups. BSGR calls on these groups to demonstrate their independence by supporting an investigation into the long-time and unresolved allegations of government corruption in Guinea.

BSGR has sought to cooperate with the committee despite the fundamental unfairness, procedural irregularities and false claims inherent in its review process. The next step is international arbitration where the evidence can be aired in a proper forum and BSGR can establish the truth